Andrejs Berdnikovs

Andrey_BerdnikovDr. Andrejs Berdņikovs is a scholar, activist and social entrepreneur with experience of working in such different fields as research, education, science communication, public administration, media advocacy, community organizing and social entrepreneurship. His areas of expertise include media and information culture in Russia and among Russian-speakers in the Baltics, government strategies for promoting social integration, and far-right, regionalist, autonomist and secessionist movements in Europe. Dr. Berdņikovs is a frequent political commentator and regular contributor to Latvian and Russian media outlets. In 2011 he served as Adviser to Minister of Culture and as Chairman of the Advisory Council on National Identity and Social Integration Affairs at the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Latvia. In 2008-2009 he was Fulbright Visiting Scholar at the Department of Communication of the University of Washington, Seattle. Currently Andrejs is the editor of the Russian EJO website.

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